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What is the deal with wedding dress sizing?

After finding the perfect dress, measurements begin and the sizing discussion starts. Some brides get nervous at this point. You are NOT ALONE and we are here to tell you it's not worth getting upset about.

Sizing questions are our most frequently asked questions.

So, what's the deal with wedding dress sizes? Many bridal designers have been in the game for a long time. As such, their gown patterns are based on decades old sizing charts. Different sources point to European sizing and some to old military uniform sizing; either way, many designers got their start in the industry using these charts. American sizing charts used for daily wear clothing are different; not better or worse, just different.

Are wedding dresses true to size? It depends. So, we all know if had to buy a pair of jeans from H&M, American Eagle and Target on the same day, we would end up buying an array of sizes. So frustrating, right? Wedding dresses are the same way. Each designer tweeks their pattern a little which is why it is so important to shop in person with a knowledgeable consultant.

We know every bride wants to look stunning as she walks down the aisle and sizing plays an important role. Your wedding dress will be the most self expressive garment you'll ever wear. The wedding photos will last forever and you want to turn heads on your big day. Here are some takeaways:


  1. Bridal sizes are based on different size charts.

  2. Resist the urge to obsess about the tag size. No one will see it and the number doesn't matter.

  3. Don't base you dress size off your regular clothes. It just doesn't work that way.

  4. We know getting measurements from a consultant can be intimidating but we promise to make it painless.

  5. You are not the first size 8, 0, 18, 32 or 22 we've worked with.

  6. Most brides need alterations for the perfect fit. I know I did! More on that later!

Got more questions? Sizing stories to share? Comment below and we'll respond asap.

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