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{Real Bride} Brittany & Eric

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Beautiful couple Brittany & Eric created the most spectacular vision for their wedding! From the unique bold color pallet to the soft details of The Villa Blanca venue in St. Augustine, you are going to want to see all of this! We had the toughest time selecting photos because they are all amazing. We promise you won't find a sweeter story and more loving couple to share some wedding inspo! So dive in an have a tissue ready!

Brittany is wearing our Millicent gown in Ivory with Silver Accents from the Rebecca Ingram Collection by Maggie Sottero Designs.

Bride Name: Brittany

Grooms Name: Eric

Wedding Date:07/08/18

Wedding Ceremony: The Villa Blanca at The White Room, St. Augustine, FL

Reception: The Villa Blanca at The White Room, St. Augustine, FL

Photographer: Brittany Morgan Photography

Florist: BJ’s Flowers and Plants

Hair: Kalley Kyle Wafer

DJ/Entertainment: Alaia and Shawn Earnest, Earnest Audio LLC

How did you meet your groom and how did he propose?

I was introduced to Eric by an old friend; I had just had my heart broken and had been in that “slump” stage for a while; she basically forced me out of my house to a friend’s house where I met Eric. It’s kind of funny because I talked to him some, but honestly, I didn’t think he was my “type”. We would chat now and then when we would see each other out. About a year or so after meeting we went on a date but for different reasons, didn’t really talk much more till a little while later we met up again, hit it off, and started dating.

The proposal… oh gosh where do I begin? Anyone who knows us knows we took our sweet…. sweet time. I honestly never thought it would ever happen, but I figured if it ever did, he would try to be funny and catch me off guard by doing it on a holiday (I always said how it seemed everyone we knew got engaged on a holiday, so the real way to surprise someone would be do it the day after a big holiday.) Around May 2017, Eric had randomly told me that we should “run” the Bridge of Lions 5k in St. Augustine—one of our most favorite cities where we have spent weekends, anniversaries, and birthdays in. I laughed at him telling him #1, how crazy that would be in the heat of summer, and #2, I had been majorly slacking on my gym and exercise routine that I could not possibly run a 5k. He really wanted to run it and insisted that I just walk it and he would run it and we could stay for the weekend; so we signed up for the 5k, and then he booked the bed and breakfast—one of our favorites, Casablanca Inn on the Bay.

July 14th weekend came and we went to St. Augustine. Friday night we enjoyed martinis overlooking the bay at the amazing Tini Martini Bar and then called it an earlier night than usual because we had the race to “run” the next morning. The race started at Fort Matanzas, right near our B&B. It was HOT AS EVER, but the race was fun and scenic. I of course walked with a little run here and there. Eric finished much, much sooner than I, so when I came around the final stretch he ran back to meet me and run the rest of the way with me. When it was over we enjoyed the usual post race refreshments and then walked the scenic route back over the Bridge of Lions to our B&B. As soon as we got back into our room, I went straight out onto our private balcony to stretch; Eric followed. I was stretching, exhausted and sweaty, listening to Eric ramble on about the race and then he said something about a medal, and I thought Eric was stretching too… but to my COMPLETE surprise, he was down, proposing! I was literally in shock and squealed and kept asking him, “Are you for real?! Really? For serious?! Me?! That’s mine?!” It was the best, ever; a TOTAL surprise.

After showering and such, we went to lunch together and enjoyed our super-recent engagement, just the two of us. He informed me not a soul knew. It felt so special that no one knew but us for the time being. He also told me that he had the ring for a couple months and had contemplated when to do it. He completely surprised me and I love that!

How or when did you know he was the one?

Eric was so different, in good ways, than other guys I had dated. I knew, not too long into our relationship, that I felt differently about him than I’d ever felt before, about anyone. I think timing is everything… we were together for a long time; but like most couples, we did have one period of disconnect, and honestly, that short time a part gave us both a different, more profound appreciation for each other as individuals. While I may not always like him, I love him with my whole heart, unconditionally, and he feels the same about me. I couldn’t imagine my life without Eric. He is my person (sounds cheesy I know, but it’s the truth!)

What surprised you most about the wedding planning process?

How much there is to do. Even having a smaller, more intimate wedding, there was still always something to do, or a decision to be made etc. I’m a checklist kind of person and I always had a checklist going… but I would mark off 3 things, to then add 5 more to-dos!

How did you know your dress was the one?

I really thought I was going to have to wear yoga pants to our wedding because I’d never be able to find or decide on a dress. I scheduled my first appointment with Lola Grace Bridal. I remember stating that I was open to trying things, but I thought I had a general idea of what I liked in my mind. The first appointment went much better than my anxious self thought it would. Ashley was so helpful. I tried on a handful of lovely gowns, in different styles. I did find one I really loved, but there was still something missing and I was not ready to say yes to it. I had made some remarks about how I wished there was a dress with “this dress’ bottom” and “this dress’ top” etc. Ashley, being a great listener, told me how she had a dress coming in that she thought I may like. She showed me a photo (that was a little hard to see) but I thought it was very nice and was interested in setting a 2nd appointment to come back and try it and some other dresses, so I did. At the 2nd appointment, I tried on my #1 favorite from the 1st appointment to show my sister who joined this time… I still liked it but there was just something missing. The 2nd dress I tried was the dress Ashley just got in. I LOVED it before I even left the dressing room. I could not stop smiling and when I walked out, my good friend and sister could see how happy I was. I knew instantly that the dress made me feel something I can’t even describe. I did NOT need anyone to tell me their opinion, I knew I wanted it and I did not want to take it off! After some time in it, Ashley asked indecisive me if I wanted to proceed with trying on the other handful of dresses I had picked and lined up to try, and I really didn’t think I wanted to but wasn’t totally sure at that point (I’m seriously the most indecisive person, ever.) My friend had a brilliant idea. She said, “Why don’t you put the next dress on that you have pulled to try, and then see how you feel and go from there?” I did, and as soon as I got out of the dress and into another, all I could think, and say, was how I wanted to put the other dress back on. I changed back into “the” dress. I lit up and could not stop smiling; I was really emotional, and knew that was the one! My family and my, then fiancé, could not believe I said yes to a dress so soon! Eric would have bet money it would take me till dress #100!

Why did you select your venue? Was it the décor, service, scenery, feel, etc.?

Eric and I were fully on board for a small, intimate, almost elopement-styled wedding. We had said the choice of where to wed would have been easy and we would have traveled and eloped somewhere, just the two of us, if we did not have our son, Kayson, who we wanted to be a part of it too. We were all over the place though, I mean ALL-OVER the place. We would be all for the Florida Keys one week, then the next we were considering a place in the mountains. St. Augustine had crossed our mind but we always figured it was super expensive and out of our budget. We also weren’t sure if we wanted immediate family, or immediate family and closest friends, or to include some close extended. We decided to make some various venue appointments and see how it made us feel. We loved one we went to see but it just didn’t have the feeling we were looking for. Eric had asked if we could at least just visit the White Room, as we had always seen it and “joked” about it when we would visit St. Augustine. We visited the White Room and fell in love with their venues/rooms. I always thought I wanted a fall/winter wedding, basically anything BUT summer. When we visited the White Room and we fell in love with the Villa Blanca, we got to talking about how since the wedding would be fully indoors, why not have a summer wedding! It was a great idea all around! We knew if we had an actual wedding, not an elopement, that we wanted simple—a venue that at least included some things such as food/service. The White Room was perfect! The Villa Blanca was one of our favorites because it is beautiful without any décor.

Did you do a first look? Why or why not?

The one “traditional” thing Eric requested was not to see me until I was walking down the aisle towards him at our ceremony. I really did contemplate (a lot) about doing a first look, and we discussed it a lot. People say it can help save a lot of time, and allows for some great photos… but Eric was insistent on no first look; and honestly, while I wanted to save time where we could and I love some good photos ops, I loved his desire to first see me when I walked down the aisle, and it made me emotional to think of the look on his face in those moments. We had a wonderful photographer who we trusted to capture all those moments and emotion, which she surely did!

What advice would you give to newly engaged brides planning their wedding?

Make sure you do what YOU (and your fiancé) want; don’t do something or make a decision based on what someone else may want you to do; and don’t make obligatory decisions, because someone says you should, or “tradition” say so. Do what you and your significant other want!

What was your favorite detail or moment during your wedding or reception?

Oh dear, that’s a hard one! Favorite moment: I want to just say everything! But first that comes to mind would be the ceremony as a whole—holding onto Eric’s hands when I got to the end of the aisle… I was trembling, shaking and so emotional and to get to the end and hold onto him made me feel indescribable, and seeing how emotional he was, and then being totally blown away by his vows! Wow.

Favorite detail: We did a few DIY touches that meant a lot to us. One that comes to mind is we did “table numbers with meaning”. Some examples of our table numbers were: “71… days Eric had the ring until he proposed.” And “358… days they were engaged.” Another detail I loved at our wedding: I had seen a thing on Pinterest where there was an enlarged photo of the bride on the women’s bathroom door and one of the groom on the men’s bathroom door; I had never seen this and thought it would be a cute touch! I mentioned it to a good friend and she asked if she could take charge of that task, which I greatly appreciated. She did not disappoint. The photos chosen were perfect and everyone enjoyed that!

Is there anyone you would like us to thank on your behalf in our blog? Such as a friend, relative or vendor that saved the day or put in long hours making wedding favors or planning showers.

Absolutely! First and foremost we would like to thank our parents who were so helpful and supportive throughout the process. Our moms were always asking what could they do or work on to help out!

My mom, mother-in-law, some close girl friends, my sisters, and Eric’s sister were so amazing in various planning of things such as an awesome bachelorette weekend and wonderful bridal shower. I will remember and speak of those memories forever! They went above and beyond anything I could ever have imagined and I am so thankful for each and every one of them who put time, money and effort in to make me feel so special and loved! My sister-in-law was so helpful with her wedding planning expertise—with all of those hundreds of texts and phone calls I made to her throughout the wedding planning process. We both also really appreciated that his parents took the lead, and along with some help from other family and some friends, threw us an amazing Rehearsal Dinner. That was so great, to not have to worry with Rehearsal Dinner planning what-so-ever. Eric’s mom did some special little touches to our Rehearsal Dinner such as a custom menu she made for the restaurant that had a photo of Eric and me from years ago. My bridal party, and some close friends, were so helpful on the wedding day. I don’t know what I would have done without them! All of our vendors were amazing. I know every bride says that, but ours really were. Not one regret!

What did you plan for your reception exit (sparklers, confetti, seeds, bubbles, etc.)?

The White Room coordinates their infamous sparkler send off. It was really fun!

Did you plan a honeymoon? Details and/or tips?

We did! Like with choosing a venue, we went back and forth on what to do for our honeymoon! We were almost positive we were going to a Sandals, and just about had it narrowed down many times and even sat down to book and pay, but then for different reasons, didn’t. Couple months prior to our wedding, we had a big talk about our honeymoon. He said he did not care, just as long as it was somewhere away with me; I honestly just wanted somewhere with fluffy, white, sandy beaches with clear water, and preferably inclusive in some way or another. I found The Henderson Park Inn in Destin, FL. It is a bed and breakfast, which we love over hotels, right ON the beach in Destin. It was almost all inclusive too, which was a huge plus! It was A-MA-ZING! We cannot wait to return! We would highly recommend it to other couples looking for a lovely B&B on the beach. They cook you a huge breakfast every morning and lunch is made to order every day packed for you. They had a community fridge full of drinks and candy bars stocked at all times; and our favorite, their happy hour daily with amazing drinks! We also had full use of The Henderson Resort across the street which we enjoyed visiting their adult-only resort-style pool, daily after leaving the beach.

One tip I would give brides and grooms planning a honeymoon… we contemplated what day to leave for our honeymoon. We had a “Destination wedding”, which we returned from on Monday. We came home and unpacked from the wedding weekend, got a decent night’s sleep in our own bed, and then Tuesday morning left early for our honeymoon. I would recommend having a day or so between wedding/wedding weekend and honeymoon.

If you want to see even more details from Brittany & Eric's wedding click through the gallery below. Every detail is truly breathtaking!

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